Happy Halloween!


Halloween marks the end of a week of fun, festivities, and chaos. If you and your little ghoul are Trick-or-Treating tonight there is only one question that is high on your mind….

What are you going to do with all of that Halloween Candy?

Are you the type of parent who lets your kids eat all of it in one go? Or are you someone who likes to dish it out yourself, piece by piece by piece? Maybe Halloween candy is given all to the Switch Witch, or maybe a Candy Buy Back.

Whatever you do with your candy will look different for each family. In this episode, we discuss the different ideas that they have for getting rid of the excess Halloween candies that their kids collect. We also talk about our general philosophy on the distribution of said Halloween candy.

Let’s be honest – How much Halloween candy do YOU eat?

Heard on this Episode


“It will be donated to the first teenager who walks past my door after my kids go to bed. […] When you are a teenager, I would much rather donate my candy to you than have you doing something that is undesirable for your age.” ~ Alisha 1:53

“Some of it my son gives away; and then after that we will do some science experiments.” ~ Amanda 2:26

“You know what I did with my candy when I was a kid? My mom taught me how to play poker with [halloween] candy.” ~ Amanda 6:51

“I’m so tired of policing [candy]. […] As much as I love Halloween; I am done on November 1st.” ~ Alisha 22:03

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Switch Witch
Candy Science Experiments

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