How Do You Plan Your Homeschool Year?

Are you a planner? Do you like to have your whole homeschool laid out day by day? Or is planning a non-existent word when it comes to the way that you run your homeschool?

In this episode Alisha and Amanda talk all about the different types of planning, and what they do in their own homeschool.

Alisha explains Loop Scheduling to Amanda, and talks about how she is using it to curb her chaotic unschooly life, trying to add just a bit more structure as the boys get older.

We also have a Printout for you, if you would like to try Loop-Scheduling out for yourself. All other resources are at the bottom of this post. (this post may contain affiliate links, using this links does not cost you anything extra but does help support the podcast. Please read full disclosure policy)

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Heard on this Episode

“It’s my belief that Unschoolers are following their child’s lead, and what their child wants to learn and facilitating that learning.” ~ Alisha 7:55

“I think you can get so much more science done in the summer, or even in the fall or spring. There’s just not a lot of science that you can learn in the winter.” ~ Amanda 10:34

“The cool thing about Loop Scheduling is that it doesn’t have to be day specific.” ~ Alisha 16:45

“Because I do love a little bit of chaos, I feel like this still gives me that feeling that we are doing something different. So we’re not always just opening Life of Fred, or we are not always just doing the STEM Experiment book.” ~ Alisha 25:38

“Maybe I do have a morning basket, it’s just not a basket. Maybe it’s just the stuff in my kitchen.” ~ Amanda  29:44

Resources and Show Notes

Inspired Secular Homeschool Conference – Alisha’s Conference

Amanda’s Ukulele Class

Life of Fred
Poetry Teatime
Courage and Conquest
Robyn Oakenfold – My Wild Oaks
Beautiful Feet Curriculum
Math U See
Bedtime Math

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2 thoughts on “Using Loop Scheduling to Tame Chaos in the Homeschool”

  1. We are a roadschooling family and have a SLOW Loop as a family that we do with lots of “unschooling” days in between because …well, we travel. And then I have made a laminated check list (kids love the marker) of their personal work and helping hands that they need/should get done on their own.
    And by the way, I’m missing the woods in the north right now. I’m from Washington but we are in Florida right now (well we are heading out because of Irma). Anyway, we have spent a lot of the summer in FL this year and I miss the northern type woods. If it wasn’t going to start getting cold soon, I think we would start driving north and just stay up that way. 😉

    1. I love roadschooling. How fun. I would expect that one would need a more slow loop schedule to accommodate all the travel days.
      Thank you for listening!
      – Alisha

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