Secular homeschooling presents it’s own challenges while home educating in a primarily Christian culture. From having to edit out parts of purchased curriculum or declining co-op invitations, or wading through blog posts not written for a secular audience, finding support from likeminded secular homeschoolers may seem impossible.

Are you a Secular Homeschooler?

In this episode Alisha and Amanda discuss how they create their own secular communities, how they navigate the homeschooling culture, and how finding secular curriculum is problematic, but not impossible.

Heard on this Episode

“What is secular? […] It’s not that you are against faith-based people or homeschoolers who are faith based. […] It’s when you are taking that faith, and how do you put it into your homeschool.” ~ Alisha 2:07

“One of the reasons [why] I started both my blog and this podcast, is to build a community for myself and for other people out there who might be in a similar situation as me.” ~ Amanda  3:40

“A faith-based homeschooler does not necessarily have the same education goals for their children as I do as a secular homeschooler. However, both are legitimate [choices].” ~ Alisha 9:45

“Every single secular homeschooler has trouble with finding curriculum. Because we are having  to kinda filter the religion [out]. ~ Amanda 14:16

“Why is Christian curriculum not labeled Christian?” ~ Amanda 15:09

“We are aware as Secular homeschoolers that we are the minority within the community. We know this. We are well aware that we are. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not as passionate about teaching our children, and wanting to belong to the community as a bigger whole. And if it gets harder and harder for us to find curriculum in order for us to teach our kids then we’re going feel disheartened and we might move out of the community. ~ Alisha 16:35

“We have such a short amount of time already as homeschool parents, we don’t need to go through every piece of curriculum with a fine tooth comb.” ~ Alisha 17:11


Resources and Show Notes

SEA (Secular Eclectic Academic) Homeschoolers
Secular Homeschoolers of Canada
Inspired Secular Homeschooling Conference
Raising da Vinci Beautiful Feet Review 

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4 thoughts on “Secular in a Christian World”

  1. I do not have a problem finding secular curriculum but I do feel like I am always being judged by Christian homeschoolers. Sometimes I feel like if I just keep my mouth shut when it comes to religion people will not give me weird looks. I don’t know. I have been looking for blogs to read that are not faith based and hoping to find readers that may like to read mine and not get offended by the lack of faith. That seems to be so hard….

    1. I feel like it may be getting better. Secular Homeschooling is on the rise. When I first started homeschooling 7 years ago I never even heard the term “secular homeschool” and now there are podcasts (like this one) and blogs, and even some curriculum. Just keep swimming!!! ~ Alisha

  2. I am so happy to have found your podcast and blog. I’m a secular homeschooler living in Ohio, so as you may imagine we are in the minority. What I find most difficult is the lack of community. I am hoping to create some meaningful relationships with other homeschool families as we go along (we are only in year 3), but it has been slow going.

    1. We are happy that you have found us Brigid. It’s sometimes hard to make those connections depending where you live, I know Amanda has a much harder time than I do. One place that you can connect with others who are likeminded is on our Facebook group. Make sure you join and say Hi! Thanks for listening! ~ Alisha

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