One of the most beautiful things about Homeschooling is that it looks different for each family that begins this journey. This week we sat down with Merry Kuchle who is starting her own journey both literally and figuratively. Merry has just started a year long journey on the road with her 10 year old son, and little dog Cooper.

Homeschooling On The Road.

Roadschooling is becoming increasingly more popular as the ability to check in with friends and family, access to online websites and resources become readily available. How each family plans, and schedules their roadschool depends on the amount of time that they will be on the road, the type of trailer they are using, the amount of kids, and grades that they will be teaching, and the most important; where they are going.

Merry shares with us how she planned her homeschool year and how it will all fit into her Shasta 16′ trailer, where she is going, and all the questions that she has as a new homeschooler embarking on this amazing journey.

Heard On This Episode

“I’m either amazing adventurous or wildly crazy!” ~ Merry 1:34

“I started by buying a bin that I wanted to put all my homeschooling stuff in…and then if it didn’t fit in the bin, I didn’t buy it(ish).” ~ Merry 5:35

“There is so much to be learned just by going and doing, that I don’t wants to feel like we are shackeled to the RV for 4hrs a day or 8hrs a day, or whatever. Because it becomes a moot point. Why roadschool if you are just going to be sitting in your trailer all day? ” ~ Merry 8:00

“We are leaving here with tires not rated for snow, and I can’t come back until there is no snow.” ~ Merry 14:32

“I don’t travel well, and my kids don’t travel well. I think it would be so fun, except for the traveling part. I would love to see these places if I could just teleport.” ~ Amanda 15:18

“I think road schooling is amazing, it opens up so many doors for kids.” ~ Alisha 17:14

“It’s never a final decision. There is nothing saying that you cant pull your kids out of school and go and try it, and if it sucks you can turn around and come back.” ~ Merry 20:00

Show Notes and Resources

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Jr Ranger Program (USA)
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