Is a schoolroom necessary for a Homeschool family?

Do you have a schoolroom or do you homeschool all over the house? In this episode we discuss the seasons of life (and homeschool) and how they affect the need of a dedicated place to store and use (or not use curriculum). We also touch on some suggestions on what you can do in instead of a schoolroom, especially if space doesn’t allow for one. Also, we talk about the downsides to having a schoolroom, as well as the benefits. We find, as with most topics about homeschool that there isn’t one answer.

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Heard on This Episode

“When an experienced homeschooler tells you that you *need* this, and they’re willing to sell it to you from their supplies of things. They don’t necessarily mean that you *need* this. They just need you to buy it, so they don’t have to store it anymore.” ~ Alisha 3:51

“I really liked our school room until the baby was born. Now he is 2. The older he got, the worse our school room got. I just didn’t care if pulled whatever out while I was trying to teach my older one something.”  ~ Amanda 7:49

“It’s just easier at the kitchen table right now, so we brought everything down to the kitchen table. But, I imagine that we will bring it back up later. I dunno. We will see where things go.” ~ Amanda 9:29

“I think with, at least with the age of my kids,  I think it really helps to completely change up what you’re doing.” ~ Amanda 12:23

“That skill of looking in the back of a book in the index, looking up the word, making sure its spelled right and then finding the page that corresponds; I think is a skill that is being lost.” ~ Alisha 30:27

Resources we Mentioned in the Show

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Gears Gears Gears
Mad Matter
Ikea Trofast
Ikea Expedient look alike 
Snap Circuits
Snap Circuit Rover
Rock Tumbler
Life of Fred
Courage & Conquest
The Writer’s Jungle
Brian Cleary – Monster Books
The Magic School Bus Kits
From Stem to Story
Melissa & Doug Circulatory System
Hooked on Phonics
Jot it Down
Ask Me Why books
Bedtime Math
Learning Resources Camp Set
Gracious Spaces
Teachers Pay Teachers

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