Many a homeschool family realize the importance of introducing art in their homeschool, however some families struggle with it more than others.

In this episode, one of our listeners, Nadine takes the opportunity to interview Amanda for ideas and support on how she can incorporate more of the arts in her own homeschool.(this post may contain affiliate links, using this links does not cost you anything extra but does help support the podcast. Please read full disclosure policy)

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While you listen we hope that you will become inspired to add more of the arts, be it music, dance, or visual arts into your homeschool, and allow your kids the freedom of creativity in any way that they see fit.

Heard On This Episode

“I really just try to allow them to explore the arts.[…] While the mom in me wants it to be quiet, the artist in me understands the value of just letting that happen.” ~ Amanda

“Art is very much about the process. A lot of people get caught up in the end result. But really, the end result doesn’t really matter. So, it’s the process, it’s doing art with your kids, it’s allowing those mistakes to happen.” ~ Amanda

“Allowing myself to make mistakes in front of the kids, to get frustrated but keep going with something, or laugh at how crazy something is turning out, and in turn i have seen my kids in those moments also laughing about [the process].” ~ Nadine

“Anybody can create abstract art, […] the only barriers with abstract art are within your own mind. Kids often have an easier time with abstract art because they don’t have any mental judgements […] they don’t look at something they made and say ‘oh this isn’t right’. […] Abstract art is so important [and very overlooked].”  ~ Amanda

Resources and Show Notes

Draw Write Now
Amanda’s Ukulele Course for Kids
Famous Painters Cards Usborne
Discovering Great Artists
Amanda’s Filmmaking Course
Amanda’s NEW Abstract Art Course


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2 thoughts on “Embrace the Mess; Incorporating Arts in the Homeschool”

  1. Hello. I enjoyed your podcast on the arts. One “mess-free” thing we are doing this year in our own homeschool is creating an art gallery in our homeschool room (we do have and need one, per your last podcast). We look at an artist every trimester. We print famous paintings (on our ink jet printer) from that artist, frame them, and display them. I love the idea of filling children’s mind with classic art. An art gallery is one way to do just that. I also like your idea of doing art cards in conjunction with teatime.

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