With the holidays just around the corner we are on the lookout for some amazing unique gifts for our kids, and while we are at it we thought that we would share with you some of our favourites.

Finding the perfect gift.

From baking cookies with grandma, to an educational toy or magazine subscription, or even making your own Slime Kits, we are sure that we will help to inspire you to find the perfect gift for your kids, or other children that are on your list. In this episode we share with you some of the ideas that we are getting for our own kids, as well as some gifts that last a lifetime.

Do you have any ideas that you would add to our list?

Top 5 Unique Gifts for Kids

1. Experiences

This could be anything, things like

Baking Cookies with Grandma
Building Lego Kit with an Uncle
Swing a Quilt together
Zoo Passes
Tickets to see a Ballet
Rock Climbing Passes
Museum Tickets

Just to name a few, be creative!

2. Subscription Services

HUGE List of Subscription Boxes for Homeschoolers

Spangler Science Club





Loot Crate


Kiwi Crate

Little Passports

Click here to access Little Passports’ FREE resources for homeschooling families!

Sensory Theraplay

Take 10% off your first TheraPLAY box! 

Brick Loot

3. Educational Toys


Tegu Blocks

Straws & Connectors



Melissa & Doug Cardboard Blocks


Bunny Peek-A-Boo

Cool Circuits

Quest for Arate


4. Do It Yourself

D-I-Y Science Kits


D-I-Y Marshmallow Shooters

D-I-Y Bath Scrubs and Bombs

Amanda’s Science Experiences that double as Gifts

Ideas We haven’t tried – Slime Kits, Craft Kit

5. Online Courses

Gift Certificates for Online Classes / Apps
Virtual Tee

Youth Digital Courses

Prodigy Math

Ukulele Course (with ukulele – check out this ukulele buying guide)

Originator App

Shop all Amanda’s courses here

Heard on this Episode

“In this day in age we have the opportunity to get toys, but at the end of the day what are the kids going to remember more? The toy that Grandma picked up, or baking cookies with her?” ~ Alisha 6:04

“Every month they got something in the mail – and that doesn’t happen very often anymore.” ~ Alisha 9:30

“For many years we have done DIY Christmas gifts for friends and neighbours. Our tradition is to make them together as a family, and then get in the car and drive around with hot chocolate to hand them out the week before Christmas. It makes me feel like Santa Clause.” ~ Amanda 28:02

“The best part of my Christmas was seeing my neighbours enjoying the Christmas gifts that I made for them.” ~ Amanda 31:10

“If you are considering getting your child a musical instrument, a ukulele is the best instrument as it is not very expensive.” ~ Amanda 47:10

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