Homeschooling can look very different for each family. This is one of the reasons why homeschooling is so great for individual children. While navigating the myriad of choices when home educating you may come across different opinions on how to set up your homeschool for success. One such decision is whether you have a schedule or a routine (or free-style) your homeschool day.

Do you know the difference between a homeschooling schedule versus a homeschool routine?

In this episode Alisha and Amanda speak candidly on how a day in the life looks like in their homes, as well as how it evolved over time. They also talk about how they plan their homeschool year, and how homeschooling different aged children leads to different choices from year to year. 

Heard on this Episode

“Whatever we are doing in our school it meshes with the rhythm of our day, because I don’t want our homeschool to ever be stressed out.” ~ Amanda 7:55

“By following more of a routine it allows me to feel like its okay if we go to the park with a friend because we can just come back [to do more school].” ~ Amanda 8:20

“With homeschool everything is fluid. If somethings not working one day, or one week, or one month or one year, you can change it.” ~ Alisha 11:54

“I find in my household that my kids are more likely to be friendly with each other and less competitive in the morning, so if we play a board game before lunch it will have a better outcome than after lunch.” ~ Alisha 18:11

“Homeschooling has many different variations of normal.” ~ Alisha 26:57

Show Notes and Resources

Magic and Mayhem – Alicia Bayer
Our Episode on Loop Scheduling
Julie from Brave Writer explaining Schedules and Routines on YouTube

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