Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American listeners.

What is it to be thankful or to show gratitude?

Do you teach gratitude and thankfulness in your homeschool?

In this episode we explore what it means to be grateful. We also touch on different things that we do in each of our homeschool’s to teach our own kids to be thankful every day.

From creating a gratitude tree, or filling a gratitude journal, to writing thank you letters to friends and family promoting a world that is kind is important to us and we want to help inspire you to create that climate of kindness in your own home too.

Heard on this Episode

“I have my kids write thank you letters for every single gift that they receive.” ~ Amanda 1:30

“I cut out a piece of construction paper, or we will use a big sheet of paper and paint it brown. Then every day for the month November we cut out handprints in different colours of construction paper so they look like leaves. And then we write on them something that we are grateful for every morning.” ~ Amanda 7:52

“We make a raisin bread, a braided raisin bread. And for every raisin that we place in the dough, we say one thing that we are grateful for.” ~ Alisha 11:34

“Even though they were making a mess and it was making me crazy, it was good to look at that in a different way.” ~ Amanda 17:25

“Asking the guided questions, and really getting to the heart. Allowing them to think about why that other person bought [this gift] for them.” ~ Amanda 27:44

Show Notes and Resources

Letters to Santa (in Canada)
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100 Days of Happiness


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