Some days Homeschooling can be a struggle. Maybe no-one got enough sleep, or your child was stuck on a relatively hard math problem, or maybe everyone has a case of cabin fever. Whatever it is, some days are harder than others.

What about when we add a little sibling to the mix?

Throw in a toddler, or a baby and that adds a whole other level to the daily homeschool. Successful homeschooling with little ones underfoot is not impossible. Expectations need to be changed, Schedules may have to be re-vamped, and some curriculum may need to stay unopened.

In this epsiode, Alisha and Amanda talk about their own experiences with homeschooling with little children. They share their own tips that helped them be successful in an otherwise chaotic time.

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Heard on this Episode

“We change the way we change our homeschool all the time, […] because our family is changing” ~ Amanda 6:33

“All the puzzles are in the living area now and we do them as a family, so we can watch [the kids with them].” ~ Amanda 12:43

“As your family grows, your needs change, and therefore your routines change, and the way you set up your house changes, and your homeschool.”  ~ Alisha 13:40

“Homeschooling with little guys is not going to look like the homeschool in your head.” ~ Alisha  16:23

“We do read-alouds. I will read the book when the kids are doing a puzzle or a quiet activity.” ~ Amanda 24:55

Show Notes and Resources

Mad Matter

Science Experiments that keep kids busy (Amanda’s YouTube)

Uncle Goose Math Blocks

Snap Circuits

Cool Circuits

Safari Limited



Endless Series Apps

Read Aloud Revival – Sarah MacKenzie

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