Learning how to be able to express yourself is one of the most important things that we want to instil in our children as homeschoolers. However, there are many different ways of doing just that. (this post may contain affiliate links, using this links does not cost you anything extra but does help support the podcast. Please read full disclosure policy)

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There are many ways to tell a story.

Julie Bogart of Brave Writer shared with us many of the tools that she uses through her different products and classes to encourage our children to share the story that is deep within them.

Whether it is scribing for your child using Jot It Down, or supporting your child in Partnership Writing, or even just following a Brave Writer Lifestyle, Julie allows parents the freedom of just being present and watching your child flourish.

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Heard on the Episode

“The first brush with your identity as a writer comes before you can even use a pencil or a keyboard. It comes when the meaningful person in your life attends to your words and writes them down for you, and then reads them back to you to let you know that what you said was so important it deserved a written record.” ~ Julie

“Poetry comes from the heart. It should never be graded. It should only be loved and responded to, and valued.” ~ Julie 19.52

“With homeschooling you are able to tell stories in so many different ways… ~ Amanda 23.45

“If you have a child who wants to create a youtube channel to show how to build in Minecraft, that takes a writers mind to create that. If you have a child who playing dress up clothes to reenact the robin hood story with Maid Marion and Robin Hood those are writing skills happening in dress up clothes. I think we want to widen the net, everything related to language can be transcribed.” ~ Julie 28.17

“When I think about what it means to ‘grow a writer’, it really is to fan into flame all these little bursts of expression with all the tools available to us. Not just a pencil and a sheet of college ruled paper at a kitchen table.”  ~ Julie 33.34

“So much of home education is on the way to some thing else. Actually, our most natural educational moments happen when aren’t busy trying to make them happen.” ~ Julie 42.16

“Go ahead and follow your hunches. Go ahead and follow your intuition and instincts. Follow your joy. Because that is the food your homeschool. That’s what fuels the energy of your homeschool. If your homeschool is driven by your own guilt and should’s, guess what your kids are going to feel all day every day; guilty and shoulding. But, if you start with ‘wow I was so excited to read this myself’ , your kids start to think ‘oh, this must be fun to read’.” ~ Julie 49:14

Resources and Show Notes

Amanda’s Film Making Course
Lucy Caulkins – writers workshop
The Writer’s Jungle
The Arrow
Jot it Down
Faultering Ownership
Partnership Writing
Brave Writer

Brave Writer’s Instagram
Poetry TeaTime Instagram
Brave Writer’s Facebook Page
Homeschool Alliance

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