We never really set out to create a podcast. We really enjoy homeschool podcasts ourselves, and we felt that there was a voice that was missing. A voice that could contribute to the discussions around homeschooling and life in the podcast world. We felt that there is not enough information out there for the secular homeschooling family, and so we decided to start one ourselves.

We hope that you will enjoy what we have to say, maybe learn something new, and be encouraged and inspired each time you have a listen.

But, first things first, how did an American from the Upper Penninsula of Michigan meet a Canadian from the far West? Why, Periscope of course!

How did Alisha & Amanda Meet?
Alisha and Amanda joined a homeschool group for bloggers who were interested in live streaming around the same time in the spring of 2015. They would watch different streams to learn more about homeschooling from other homeschool moms, and were always drawn to what each other were saying. Amanda found value in the fact that Alisha was a few years ahead of her in homeschooling, and that Alisha was so supportive of her children and their interests.

Alisha found Amanda to be a kind, and supportive friend with amazing ideas on how to incorporate art, science and music into the daily homeschool.

As Periscope lost ground to Facebook Live, Amanda and Alisha moved on to SnapChat to share their days, hopes, and struggles with each other and became the best of friends who have never met in real life!


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