We all know how the internet is both a blessing and a curse. Never before have homeschoolers been able to access the sheer amount of information at the touch of a button in real time. The internet has made homeschooling much easier, and social media has allowed for homeschooling parents across the world to connect and share tips, successes, and failures.

The hosts of this very podcast met on Periscope, and Homeschooling in the Northwoods is made possible every week with the help of Skype, Voxer, WordPress, Instagram, and Facebook.

Are your kids online?

The online world doesn’t just stop at information. It’s a tool for connection, and kids are looking for that connection to. However, they lack the executive functioning that allows them to be really critical of the tools that they are using. In this episode we talk about the nuances and pervasiveness of social media and how to safeguard our kids from it’s negative effects.

Heard on this Episode

“The majority of children, nowdays, are on some form of communication online.” ~ Alisha 5:18

“Kids are being raised in two worlds. They are being raised in this world, the real world. And they are being raised in online worlds.” ~ Alisha  6:53

“Technology, as much as people hate it or love it, it’s here to stay.” ~ Alisha 8:28

“It changes so often and quickly, and there are no longitudinal studies on the […] effects of social media.” ~ Alisha 17:31

“Technology is going to change a lot by the time my kids are teenagers. I can’t even fathom what it’s going to be like.” ~ Amanda 21:24

“Teaching our children critical thinking skills from age 5 is so important.” ~ Alisha 34:03

Show Notes and Resources

Making Sense of Adolescence 
Dr. Peter Gray
Wait Until 8th
Paul Davis
Sext Up Kids

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  1. Hi,

    I really enjoy your podcast and look forward to it each week. This week, I can’t find the link to play the episode. Is it missing or am I missing where it is?



    1. Sorry Anna! We forgot to add the media file – blame it on Cyber Monday Christmas shopping for 4 kids!! 🙂 It should work now. Thank you for letting us know and supporting us!! ~ Alisha

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