Does homeschooling mean that you have to give up the things that you love? A listener asked us if one could still homeschool while following their passion. Spoiler Alert: You can!

It’s no surprise that both Amanda and I follow our own passions while homeschooling. We have so many different things that interest us both. Not to mention that homeschooling itself is a big passion for Amanda and I, as well as this podcast.

In this episode, we touch on how important it is to follow your passions. How we manage our lives and homeschool while following ours, and also talk about some of our kid’s passions as well.

A disclaimer: This episode was recorded while a severe storm system was making it’s way over North America, so some parts of the audio are garbled. We apologize.

Heard on this Episode

“If they feel like there is a need in the depths of their person, I feel like they should go for it.” ~ Alisha 8:22

“I think that homeschooling doesn’t have to stop you from [following your passion].” ~ Amanda 8:33

“I think it’s really important to show your children that you do have passions outside of them and outside of your homeschool, because you want them to also be able to follow their passions.” ~ Alisha 10:48

“My hope is that what I’m doing does impact my kids in a positive way. So they see that my passions and my drive to help others, [and it] will help them to follow their passions.” ~ Amanda 14:15

“The whole fact that you are homeschooling shows that you are following your passion.” ~ Alisha 16:21

Show Notes & Resources

Amanda’s Film Making Course

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2 thoughts on “Homeschooling While Following Your Passion”

  1. This was such a thoughtful episode, and very timely for me. My passion is writing, and though not impossible, it is very challenging to find time for it. It’s NaNoWriMo, so I’ve been focusing on my passion more than usual this month! I love how you spoke about following our passions so that our children can learn to follow theirs.

    1. Thanks for sharing Brigid. The hardest part of following our passions is definitely finding the time for it! So glad to hear that you are working at it, and sharing that passion with your kids!

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