As with everything in life, some weeks can be harder than others. Homeschooling is no exception to that. Some days fly by, while others continue to drag on. When you are not feeling well physically; the days can drag on slower than you could have ever imagined.

Homeschooling on the Couch

In this episode Amanda shares a special announcement, and we talk about some strategies to get through the homeschooling days (or weeks) when you are not feeling physically up for it.

From pregnancy, to illness or disability, there are ways that you can still get the most out of your homeschooling year. It might be harder, but know that if you have a will, there is always a way. We are right here beside you; encouraging you along!

Heard on this Episode

“The majority of our homeschool year is during the winter months here, and so going outside it’s freezing, so it wakes you up, and makes you feel a little bit better with that clean air in your lungs.” ~ Alisha 2:23

“I homeschooled from the couch.” ~ Alisha 4:14

“I really relied on the support of other people to kind of help me get the supplies that I needed.” ~ Alisha 8:27

“As homeschool moms, {…}I feel that we feel like we have to be supermom and we can’t show weakness.” ~ Alisha 9:23

“The one thing that I couldn’t stand was when if i said i was really struggling with my pregnancy and my kids are suffering for it, someone would say, ‘Put them in school.’” ~ Alisha 9:43

“The great thing about homeschool is that you don’t have to do it at the same level every single year. You can let things slide. You can catch up.” ~ Alisha 10:46

“When mom cant do something…that’s a teachable moment. That teaches compassion.” ~ Amanda 12:10

“When your mom isn’t feeling well, it’s good for them to see that we are not super human.” ~ Alisha 15:00

“You might not be doing math or work sheets, but that definitely still education.” ~ 18:10 Amanda

“The vast majority of homeschoolers homeschool for a maximum of 2 hours a day.” ~ Alisha 22:25

Show Notes and Resources

Teaching Textbooks


Prodigy Math

Mystery Science


Epic Books

No – Prep Science Experiments


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