Lets be honest, at 18 our kids will have total freedom. Freedom to wear what they want, listen to what they want, eat what they want and even go where they want. Rather than having them crash and burn because of all the choices and sudden freedom lets celebrate them along the way. (this post may contain affiliate links, using this links does not cost you anything extra but does help support the podcast. Please read full disclosure policy)

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Building Open Communication

Mary from Not before 7 has this wonderful idea for something she calls “birthday freedom” she shared over on the podcast. I encourage you to listen but essentially she gives her children different freedoms on their birthday starting at age ten. Here is a real life example. At age 12, her oldest daughter got freedom of food, meaning she was now free to decide for her self whether she wanted to eat a brownie after dinner without asking permission. Her other daughter, at age 12 got the freedom of music. She was now able to listen whatever she liked.

Why is this important? because building and maintaining open communications with your children leads to healthier adult relationships with not only you, but the world around them.

Mary has more information about the birthday freedom here, and a list of freedom ideas complete with gift ideas here.

What do you think? Could you handover those freedoms? Which would be a no-go for you?

Heard on this Episode

“We really try to make the freedoms special. […] I have a big list of freedoms that I choose from that I think that a child has shown responsibility in that area.” ~ Mary

“There are so many things when you start thinking about it, that you control for your children, that as they get older you can hand over to them and have them have the control.” ~ Mary

“I really like how it’s giving the kids a little bit of autonomy in stages. Now, it seems in our society [ that we are] sheltering the kids too much and then when they are 18 [we say] here are all of your freedoms [at once].” ~ Alisha

“[For kids it’s good] having that open communication to discuss these things with your parents. If you hear some crazy lyrics in a song [for example]. Having that open communication with your kids [is important]. I hope that I have that with my kids.” ~ Amanda

Resources and Shownotes

And as promised in the podcast. All of her amazing “party school book club” info.

Mary’s Blog
You can find the Arrow Guides here
Or the Boomerang Guides here

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