Every family has it’s own traditions that hold special meaning for them. For some it is Christmas, for some it’s Thanksgiving, for others it can even be Cyber Monday, but for our podcast co-host Alisha; it is all about Halloween!

Halloween Spooktacular!

In Alisha’s house she starts decorating on October 1st and has a Halloween activity calendar with ideas for each day of the month. Halloween movies start appearing at media time, and a week before Halloween Night the food starts to look more gruesome.

In this episode Alisha and Amanda share their ideas on how to make your homeschool just a bit more magical, they touch on ideas for themed food, as well as traditions that make this one day holiday stand out.

Do you celebrate Halloween? Why or Why Not?

Heard on this Episode

“Breakfast is the easiest to make Halloween themed because it’s the sloppiest.” ~ Alisha 7:23

“I will go to the dollar store and buy mini bats, or mini spiders, or little skeleton hands, and add it to the plate and it instantly makes it Halloween themed.” ~ Alisha 10:14

“Just add googley eyes to pretty much anything and it makes it Halloweeny” ~ Amanda 18:18

“You can really make anything spooky” ~ Alisha 24:33

“Just having that bowl of candy with a Twizzlers pack next to an Oh Henry pack could potentially cause a reaction for her, because she is so severely allergic, so the teal pumpkin project has been really good for people like her, because she can participate in halloween without the fear of anaphylaxis.” ~ Alisha 35:26

Shownotes and Resources

Black Bean Pasta
Alisha’s Halloween Fun Food For Kids eBook
Switch Witch
Teal Pumpkin Project

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