Do you share your homeschooling experiences wholeheartedly? On this episode we talk about how sometimes when sharing about our homeschool on social media it is met with distain by our public school friends. 

While not all public school friends feel this way, many do, and it’s a trend that we have watched spread for the last couple years. Do you feel like your public school friends think you are homeschooling AT them?(this post may contain affiliate links, using this links does not cost you anything extra but does help support the podcast. Please read full disclosure policy)

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Heard On This Episode

“As homeschoolers we get criticized by the general population. […] When we feel that we are being scrutinized, we are more likely to have blogs and share our experiences. Because we feel alone and able to reach out to other parents who are on the same path as we are.” ~ Alisha

“I do get frustrated […] that [I have] to censor myself about our excitement, our experiences or things that we are proud of for fear of hurting someones feelings, making them feel inadequate or what have you.” ~ Alisha

“[My non-homeschooling friends ask,] ‘Why do you have to make every single thing a learning experience?’ ” ~ Amanda

“For homeschoolers, our life is homeschool. So when we go to the zoo it’s just natural for us to find the learning opportunity.” ~ Alisha

“If I send my kids to school all day it’s not going to be the same relationship as if their at home.” ~ Amanda

“Homeschooling is not the right choice for everyone, but for me it is!” ~ Amanda

Show Notes and Resources

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Horrible Histories
Survive Inside the Human Body

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2 thoughts on “Downplaying Our Homeschool for Public School Friends”

  1. Wonderful podcast! Honest and real. I keep my mouth shut when I hear public school moms complain about the things that they have to do. Those exact things are the reasons I keep my kids home.

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